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  • FB100B
  • Grandchess
  • Red / White
  • 2000mm
  • Orange & White & Black & yellow & Green
  • 1000mm
  • 7kg
  • High Intensity grade tape or Engineering Grade tape or 3M tape
  • Rubber
  • 50pcs/pallet

Product Description


Block off obstacles or dangerous areas with a barrier fence. Due to its large stands and the hook and eye connectors, it is very stable. The legs can be rotated to make the fence easy to transport. The hook and eye connectors also act as a hinge. As a result, the barrier fences can easily be placed as desired.
The plastic barrier fence is weather resistant and thus suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The white and yellow variations are equipped with reflective tape for optimal visibility and signalling. The grey, light-weight variation offers greater mobility.
  1. Made of 100% new Polyethylene with UV stabalized for fence

  2. Black recycled rubber for base

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