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  • TCB-3
  • Grandchess
  • 105mm
  • 0.72kg
  • Red / White / Yellow/black
  • 1.50mts - 2.43mts
  • Orange & White & Black & yellow & Green
  • Engineering Grade tape
  • 100% new ABS
  • Single Side Extendable

Product Description


  It is made from a high grade durable plastic material called ABS.

  Both their low weight and volume make them extremely easy to transport and can be setup as a temporary barrier very quickly.

  This cone bar with reflective tape provides a high visibility barricade system for use with all PVC traffic cones and T-Top & Stackable Bollards.The reflective stripes are designed to increase the bar visibility for safety in low light and nighttime environments. The ABS plastic construction is impact and corrosion resistant for lasting dependability. The high visibility orange color finish is DOT approved for pedestrian and driver safety.

  Available in types of single side extendable.

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